Badger Hair Grades

Sam & Son use a range of badger hair for their quality shaving brushes. Men prefer different grades of badger hair on its characteristics. Badger hair is the hair of choice for shaving brushes because it natural water absorbing qualities allowing the lather to build in the brush and it retains the optimal firmness and flexibility to effortlessly produce a thicker lather most suited to shaving than any other type of brush.

100% Pure Badger

Used in our entry level brushes we select pure badger hair that provides quality shaving without the scratchy feeling that less expensive brushes experience. It’s grey texture is along the length of the hair and is firm and stiff. This is the first step to a quality shave. Often favoured by men who are after badger shaving brush characteristics without the opulence of the higher grades of badger hair.



 Finest 2-Band Badger

The distinct stiff black stems and exceptionally soft creamy tip are the reason our 2-Band Badger Hair is extremely popular. It retains the required stiffness along the specially sourced badger hair with extended black mid-sections that many men prefer yet has soft tips to give it a luxury feel without the extravagance, this grade of badger hair is limited in its availability due to the extended length required to meet Sam & Son’s exceeding standards.


Best Badger

The all-rounder is best badger; suitable for every man looking for a quality shaving brush that can be used across all types of soaps and creams and provides luxury shaving at an affordable price, best badger makes volumes of thick lather and easily releases it to your face. It is in between ‘pure badger’ and ‘silver tip’ and can have some variance in its appearance due to the natural qualities of the raw material


Silver Tip Badger

For the most extravagant shaving experience Silver Tip badger hair makes the most opulent lather and is most suited to the worlds finest shaving creams. It is the softest of all shaving brushes and Sam & Son select only the superior silver tip available ensuring a level of luxury that is unsurpassed. Shaving with a Sam & Son Silver Tip Shaving Brush and having experienced the distinct luxury in it’s lush cushioning is an indulgence that only few appreciate.